Vision and Values


What does DURABLE wish to achieve in the next five to ten years? 

Our vision answers this question. Our aim is to give direction and motivate every member of staff. We believe that DURABLE is able to contribute vitally to the success of our customers through the performance of our products. This in turn contributes to the success of our company and our staff.

to our values

We are sure that any economic success in today's world can only be considered as real success if it contributes to keeping the world intact and peaceful, and if it is not achieved at the expense of present or future generations. Vision and responsibility for a natural environment and a humane society characterises the style of success on
which we model our business.

For DURABLE, this defi nition of success is the core of its unwritten corporate philosophy which has been practised from day one, by everyone – from top management to trainees. In cooperation with our suppliers and business partners, and anyone else who contributes to our company's success.