Key Storage

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Durable 1954 Key Box 48 Metallic Silver (H40cm, Inc.6 Key Clip)

Fed up of chaos and disorder? The DURABLE KEY BOX is the stylish solution to the problem of secure key storage. The modern aluminium KEY Box range has a simple and understated style, and is designed for use with the innovative KEY CLIP. The label on this unique key holder is always visible with the key located behind it. Produci..

$226.84 Ex Tax: $226.84

Durable 1958 Key Rail Extension Set, (2 Pcs/Set) Grey

KEY BOX capacities can be increased using the KEY RAIL extension set. Each kit contains two extension rails, for an additional 12 KEY CLIP holders (6 per rail). The extension rails are made from high quality plastic...

$22.47 Ex Tax: $22.47

Durable 1960 23 Key Box 12, Silver

Key cabinet for 12 KEY CLIP key holders. Ideal size for small office or home office use. Instead of the customary lock, the KEY BOX 12 is equipped with a practical turnlock closure. Set includes 6 KEY CLIP key holders. H x W x D: 160 x 302 x 118 mm..

$105.93 Ex Tax: $105.93