Professionalism and entrepreneurship


The working world is changing. Not only the occupational profiles are being re-defined virtually every day, but also the organisation and processes, and consequently the required materials and equipment. For almost a century, DURABLE has been a reliable partner for professional products and product lines for the workplace.

We continue to honour this ambitious claim by working consistently, relentlessly and passionately on developing comprehensive concepts to support our customers in their daily work.
Our aim is to offer excellent solutions which help users to perform their daily tasks in a highly professional way and thus contribute to corporate success.

Today and in the future.

DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG, a family company headquartered in Iserlohn, was founded in 1920 as a manufacturer of metal indexing tabs and is considered a pioneer in development and production of plastic office equipment. Entrepreneurship and a consistent focus on innovation, quality and design have always been key aspects of our corporate philosophy.

They determine the success and sustainability of every company in today’s competitive environment.

Our outstanding product successes include the patented DURACLIP® spring binder, introduced in 1959, which has become synonymous with rapid, high-quality and professional filing of non-punched documents. In 2009, DURABLE successfully launched a whole new product range on the market with DURAFRAME. The magnetic information frame still offers significant potential for growth, which is why we have strategically expanded the range with a variety of versions. In 2018, DURABLE invested in its first TV campaign to promote its sales hit DURAFRAME to other potential customers.

With roughly 700 employees, we see ourselves as an international company based in Germany.

Most of our products are manufactured in Gotha, Iserlohn-Sümmern, Kamen-Methler, Szczecin (Poland) and Coevorden (Netherlands). Our sales companies in Europe and the USA underscore our international approach as a globally active company. We also work with renowned importers and representatives worldwide.